AquaSpelling 1.0

AquaSpelling helps create groups of words and practice vocabulary and spelling

AquaSpelling is a shareware utility for Windows. This program can be used by parents and teachers to create groups of words in one or several languages. The words can be in any language with a Latin script, for example, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, etc. In addition, we can add the word definition and pronunciation (by recording our own voice). Once a group of words has been created, students can start making the exercises and practicing pronunciation and spelling. There are several exercises such as Vocabulary (where the student must type the word after viewing its definition or listening to its pronunciation), Phrases (where the student must type sentences containing words in their spelling list), and Spelling List (listening and comprehension practice). We can find four spelling games: WordSearch, WaterBalloon, Find&Match, and Mistery Word. The games are very convenient for kids as they can learn while playing. The user interface is available in English and Spanish. AquaSpelling is suitable for children and adults who are learning their mother tongue language, or a foreign one. Moreover, this software can be used by a person or group with special needs. We can evaluate this product free of charge.

Review summary


  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Free evaluation version
  • We can create groups of words with definition and sound in several languages


  • No uninstall option
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